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Erin Wallace Jewelry Crystal Earrings,

Ottawa Bride Magazine Photographer


"I am so happy with your fantastic crafting of my custom ammolite necklace. It is so beautiful! You are a truly talented artist and I really appreciate your intricate work on this piece of jewelry. Thanks! This necklace will always be a wonderful reminder of our trip out west."
- Mary Rose, Ottawa Valley


​"I appreciate your guidance in selecting an appropriate jewelry set for my wife. She wears her 'I Am' earrings and necklace all the time. Thank you for helping me pick out such a thoughtful gift!"
Tony, British Columbia


"I adore my long lace earrings from your Heirloom Collection! They are lovely and delicate while still being very cool and really unique."

Stephanie, United Kingdom


"I adore the lace ring that I bought from you a couple of weeks back. I often wear it alone as my wedding band-it's so pretty!"

- Lisa, Ottawa ON


"I received your 'I Am' Collection Triple Earrings as a birthday gift. I love them! They are my favourite earring to wear for a night on the town."  - Victoria, Mississauga ON


"I own several of your pieces. I find them versatile and enjoy wearing them! I can't wait to see what you design next."  

Brenda, Ottawa ON


"Your Heirloom jewelry helped complete my bridesmaid look for my friend's wedding day. The lace detail gives the earrings and bangles a timeless look that I continue to enjoy!"   

Heather, Toronto ON

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